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Grace (gracipher)

August 25, 2009

Alexandria, Virginia

November 10, 1982

Cancer Fighter

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Thyroid Cancer


September 20, 2006

Stage 1


Grade 1


How it rules my life and manipulates my emotions, also how I can't sing anymore


Pain in my neck like a bruise under the skin...

9/06 - Thyroidectomy - right vocal cord paralysis



Grace's Cancer Blog

Update as we start 2013

I hope this email finds you well! I am glad to report my bloodwork continues to be clear, no signs of Thyroglobulin or antibodies - my endocrinologist even told me I could wait another year for my scan! This is a first! I found out the same time as I was on the way to my sister-in-law's wedding which I helped coordinate so the good news was lost for awhile in the flurry of events and family visits. My husband and I are trying daily to follow a better routine of eating healthier home-made meals and enjoying time at the gym regularly, it started before New Years so not really a resolution, but more a lifestyle change we are easing into. Trying to maximize use of the fleeting hours in a day can be challenging, I can't imagine what it will be like one day with children... One of my "resolutions" for the year is to take care of myself better though- which means moving on to an endocrinologist that better meets my needs, visiting a fertility specialist, going to the dentist for my TMJ pain and care, and taking better care of my back. One by one these are lining up and I'm addressing them- its not a job for the weary but your health is something you have to care for all your life so I need to remind myself I am worth it. I hope you all know the same :)
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Hi Grace, good to hear that your bloodwork was clear, wising further good news for you. I myself am trying to eat healthier and cut back on weakness...only time will
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Results on my Whole Body Scan

Well, after 4 scans yesterday which was over 2 hours on the tables with machines pressing down and spinning around me, I sat down for what wound up being a concise 12 minute conversation with one of the endocrinologists at Washington Health Center. The verdict was good but of course a bit mixed... There is a bit of light-up on my scans and it's in the same place that lit up the last two times-  just a bit on my Adams apple area and a slightly larger blot on my neck in the middle. Of course I was very hypothyroid and the measurements of Thyroglobulin (TG) aka the cancer/thyroid tissue marker is still undetectable making it good news. But with these two stubborn spots the overwhelming certainty is more close watching, no further time between scans - possibly an MRI and ultrasound to be sure but nothing urgent. An interesting thing I learned from the appt is the doctor stating that my % of uptake (how much iodine got absorbed and shows on the scan) was last time 0.6% and now is 01.6% but that variation is likely the difference between a scan using Thyrogen and one done with thyroid hormone withdrawal, apparently they have found that the absorbed iodine "washes out" sooner when using Thyrogen... Interesting to know.  Now I can try to put this all out of my mind for now and focus on my honeymoon coming up :) but I also found out one of my cousins was just diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer... I f***ing hate cancers guts.
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Hi Grace-- I always seemed to get mixed results on my scans too--never an "all clear." I don't know a lot about your type of cancer, but I'm glad to hear that you are now focused on that honeymoon! I hope that in the end, this is good news. Hugs-- Martha
This is good to know for my 2nd scan that's coming up. I wasn't sure if it would be completely clear or not. So now if there's a little blurb of something I won't immediately worry. :)
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Descending into hypo-hell... Courtesy of Genzyme

Here I go, one foot in front of the other down... First I was switched to Cytomel which was a pain in the neck to adjust to 2 pills daily from one, and that I have stopped for 4 days now, 15 more to go I hope though must call my endo to see if between the scan date and the appointment date I can start back on Synthroid. The low- iodine diet surprisingly not as much concern since I have done it before (if not in a while) and know the routine unlike the withdrawal. I have noticed headaches- quite persistently through my day- unusually nagging and in the back of my head and temples, need to pack Excedrin daily. Anyone else experienced them when hypo? I did a bit of research and they are mentioned though as a side-note but of course we all react differently.  My scan is on the 15th- pill on the 12th- sucks to not be able to snuggle with my new husband but it's just temporary I tell myself. Of course in postponing the test I do realize that it was a better plan for handling pre-wedding stress however it does present an entirely different dilemma when you are trying to be (and people expect) a happy newlywed and they might catch me in a depressed mood as I've noticed comes and goes since stopping the medication. I'm sure it's not all that but much more- going through this as 2 and not 1 it's letting myself be weak and it is freeing to a point and I know that I thank God everyday for the amazing man he sent in my husband!  Ok, enough gushing- I will post some wedding pictures on here for you all and just hope that this test will show nothing that will ruin my ability to relax as we plan our honeymoon for Puerto Rico over New Years... 
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My daughter Maddie went through her first RAI treatment this past summer - and did it the old fashioned way (no meds) due to the Thyrogen shortage. She mainly complained about fatigue, though not horrible, and she was moody. And I seem to remember her also complaining about headaches, but nothing that over the counter stuff didnt fix. In hindsignt, it was good to get it over with and not have to deal with the stress of waiting.
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Hi Grace, First -- congratulations to you and your lucky husband!! As for Hypo Hell, yes, it most certainly is that. My greatest difficulty was the shutdown of my gut.Thyroid hormones affect smooth muscle, and I had no gut motility whatsoever. Swallowing was hard, food stayed in my stomach, and constipation was intractable.My brain didn't work very well either -- cognition and concentration were slowed.Just tell yourself that it's temporary. Cross the days off your calendar. Let us know how it goes. Hugs to you on your marriage.
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 Hey Andrea, thanks for the hugs and advice, always welcome! I am currently having real stomach aches not sharp but dull pain after eating and I'm wondering if it's like what you experienced in reference to your digestion... Ugh. Hurry up next week because this is not fun!
Hi Grace! Thanks for sharing your wedding pics--you are a stunning couple and I wish you many years of happiness together. I am not at all familiar with treatment for your type of cancer, so I will only say that I wish you all the very best with your upcoming test and I hope you get great news. That way, you can go on that honeymoon stress-free! Hugs-- Martha
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Congratulations on your marriage!! Its so great you found a good man to go thru life with. it is sad you are going thru this during your honeymoon stage. I'm sure you will come thru with lots of funny stories for the future. My husband & I have I feel so bad for Y husband all the crying & I knew there was no reason. But I didn't know it was gonna happen at the time. Lol I found out just how much he does love me. You sound like your doing great tru this... Hope all goes well so you both can get on with life again. I'm going in for tests on the same day. I'll think good thoughts for you to! Hugs carol
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