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Vital Info

Grace (gracipher)

August 25, 2009

Alexandria, Virginia

November 10, 1982

Cancer Fighter

Cancer Info

Thyroid Cancer

Papillary Carcinoma

September 20, 2006

Stage 1

2.1 - 3.0 cm

Grade 1

How it rules my life and manipulates my emotions, also how I can't sing anymore


Pain in my neck like a bruise under the skin...

9/06 - Thyroidectomy - right vocal cord paralysis



Grace's Cancer Blog

Update as we start 2013

I hope this email finds you well! I am glad to report my bloodwork continues to be clear, no signs of Thyroglobulin or antibodies - my endocrinologist even told me I could wait another year for my scan! This is a first! I found out the same time as I was on the way to my sister-in-law's wedding which I helped coordinate so the good news was lost for awhile in the flurry of events and family visits. My husband and I are trying daily to follow a better routine of eating healthier home-made meals and enjoying time at the gym regularly, it started before New Years so not really a resolution, but more a lifestyle change we are easing into. Trying to maximize use of the fleeting hours in a day can be challenging, I can't imagine what it will be like one day with children... One of my "resolutions" for the year is to take care of myself better though- which means moving on to an endocrinologist that better meets my needs, visiting a fertility specialist, going to the dentist for my TMJ pain and care, and taking better care of my back. One by one these are lining up and I'm addressing them- its not a job for the weary but your health is something you have to care for all your life so I need to remind myself I am worth it. I hope you all know the same :)
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Hi Grace, good to hear that your bloodwork was clear, wising further good news for you. I myself am trying to eat healthier and cut back on weakness...only time will
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Results on my Whole Body Scan

Well, after 4 scans yesterday which was over 2 hours on the tables with machines pressing down and spinning around me, I sat down for what wound up being a concise 12 minute conversation with one of the endocrinologists at Washington Health Center. The verdict was good but of course a bit mixed... There is a bit of light-up on my scans and it's in the same place that lit up the last two times-  just a bit on my Adams apple area and a slightly larger blot on my neck in the middle. Of course I was very hypothyroid and the measurements of Thyroglobulin (TG) aka the cancer/thyroid tissue marker is still undetectable making it good news. But with these two stubborn spots the overwhelming certainty is more close watching, no further time between scans - possibly an MRI and ultrasound to be sure but nothing urgent. An interesting thing I learned from the appt is the doctor stating that my % of uptake (how much iodine got absorbed and shows on the scan) was last time 0.6% and now is 01.6% but that variation is likely the difference between a scan using Thyrogen and one done with thyroid hormone withdrawal, apparently they have found that the absorbed iodine "washes out" sooner when using Thyrogen... Interesting to know.  Now I can try to put this all out of my mind for now and focus on my honeymoon coming up :) but I also found out one of my cousins was just diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer... I f***ing hate cancers guts.
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Hi Grace-- I always seemed to get mixed results on my scans too--never an "all clear." I don't know a lot about your type of cancer, but I'm glad to hear that you are now focused on that honeymoon! I hope that in the end, this is good news. Hugs-- Martha
This is good to know for my 2nd scan that's coming up. I wasn't sure if it would be completely clear or not. So now if there's a little blurb of something I won't immediately worry. :)
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